Floating Palace is located in the middle of the charismatic village of Maputugala sandwiched between Mawakoya and a feeding stream. It looks like float on water so the name is given. Our theme is calm holiday resorting for your all the functions whether private or official. Therefore, we offer you a range of options and our aim is not profit but your ultimate ultra-satisfaction so we arrange all the needy background services either low cost or totally free. Weddings and other family parties and official events are being occurring here our clients always happy with our services so our guest book is filled with a collection of warm wishes.

Weddings are one of our major source of income yet we offer number of free services including, flags, function room, decorations and decorative furniture, cutlery for cakes, an A/C room for couple, locations for photography, safe river bathing, special stage for musical group, generators, lightings and fans, and a 15% discount for lodgings.

Official events are another source with following free services: function room, chairs and decorations, flower arrangements, plates and glasses, an A/C room, refrigerator and bottle cooler, locations for photography, water filters, gate keeping and hall keeping, generator and some more.

Night camping, BBQ, cycles, jeeps and some more outdoor activities are available with waiters, cultural dancing and drumming teams, and function guides and tour guides. Yet Floating Palace is managed by owner and have no wide staff. Though occasional hiring takes place and on other way you are able to provide your own waiters and dancers. Happy resorting!

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