Floating Palace is easy to access. On the A008 route (Panadura – Rathnapura) take upto Poruwadanda Junction. Turn towards Maputugala. At the 3rd kilometer there the Floating Palace.

Floating Palace garden is divided into three, lake side garden, river side garden and tea estate. Lake side Garden is much calmer. If you prefer sound arising from river’s naughtiness you may select a River Side Garden. There is a small tea yard. You can enjoy with photography in it too.


Very proximity to Ingiriya town there are several hotels, but if you would think about the best Floating Palace is the place. Highly competitive prices, Excellent services, Natural gifts’ enjoyment, One stop place amenity availability, and much more values to be consider. All the advantages are given to our valued customers, as high turn over is our aim. Our strategy is customer’s ultra-satisfaction! Come and see!

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