Modern Tourist’s day dream

While you are staying with us you can manage your day with a bunch of options. There are several places “Must Visit” nearby. Jeeps or Cycles are arranged with or without guides. Ancient civilization excavations, ancient Buddhist Temples, Water Falls, and some more to explore. In night BBQ parties and night camping available to take part. At your request we can arrange traditional Sinhala Dancing for you.

A BBQ night camp with Floating Palace Is a novel experience to anybody, that Is full with a collection of Sinhala Performing artsMusic & Movies are one of our main serves. You can research with a Sinhala Song collection or a movie and see how Sinhala language are used in Sinhala society. Sinhala music, dance and traditional preforming arts are rich and worthy to watch. Did you decide right now? call us!


In Sri Lanka you will never alone! Hospitality attributed to Sri Lankan people is word renowned one. Even you simply go out on a bike ride, you feel you are in your country, Come and see what we can do for you, Did you take a decision, Contact us.

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